HIV Reservoir Characterisation Workshop:

18-20 september 2019


The workshop will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of HIV quantification tools including PCR-based and cell-based functional assays, which are of great importance in therapy monitoring for the development of HIV cure strategies. An introductory course to ex vivo viral outgrowth assays and its use to quantify the replication competent HIV reservoir will be covered. The participants will receive an intensive training on PCR, qPCR, digital and digital droplet PCR methods with a comprehensive overview of clinical use of these methods and clinical significance of various HIV markers. Novel aspects of HIV persistence such as clonal expansion and integration site will also be discussed and thorough overview of assays to monitor them will be presented. Given that the host’s immune system is an indispensable component of an effective cure strategy, in addition to virological assays, the workshop for the first time will present an overview of immunological assays that are commonly used to assess the potency of both the cellular and humoral immune system. The workshop will conclude with comprehensive hands-on sessions that will include statistical data analysis training sessions.

Target audience

Researchers interested in: low level RNA or DNA quantification by digital PCR and immune monitoring assays especially in the field of HIV research.

Expected number of participants


Tentative program

 Day 1 Virology part 1Day 2 Virology part 2 and ImmunologyDay 3 hands on
8:30-10:301. Linos Vandekerckhove: Introduction (clinical studies to evaluate markers of HIV reservoir) 6. Basiel Cole and Laurens Lambrechts: Clonal expansion and Integrated HIV: clinical relevance and workflow of integration sites analysis10: Wim Trypsteen: introduction of ddPCR platforms:
2. Maria Buzon: Practical application of ex vivo reservoir quantification and FISH Flow Seminar by Biorad and Naica
10:30-10:45Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
10:45-12:453. Ward De Spiegelaere: Description of PCR based methods: PCR, qPCR, digital PCR, digital droplet PCR7. Marie-Angelique De Scheerder: Intact proviral DNA assay and near full lengths sequencing: clinical relevance and workflow Practical exercises
14:00-15:304. Eva Malatinkova: Clinical applicability and workflow of PCR methods to detect HIV DNA markers. 8. Wojchiech Witkowski: Introduction to immune monitoring assaysData Analysis
15:30-16:00Coffee breakCoffee break
16:00-17:305. Wim Trypsteen and Laurens Lambrechts: Clinical applicability and workflow of PCR methods to detect HIV RNA markers9. Cellular immunity - Philipp Adams: Phenotypic and functional flow cytometry-based assays

Practical Information


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The amount of participants is limited to 30 researchers


University Hospital Ghent
Corneel Heymanslaan 10
9000 Ghent
Building: MRB II – Entrance 38