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Eva Malatinkova joined the lab as a post-doctoral researcher in November 2016. She has completed her doctoral study at HCRC, focusing on the HIV-1 reservoir characterization in different patient cohorts. She worked on the development of sensitive techniques to measure the HIV-1 reservoir size (PCR-based assays for total, integrated and episomal HIV-1 DNA) and to identify the HIV-1 integration sites in the patient’s genome. Currently, she is exploring the drivers of HIV-1 reservoir persistence in patients, the clonal proliferation of cells harboring the virus and investigating the role of common non-HIV pathogens. This may lead to a deeper understanding of viral persistence in patients and may help in design of novel HIV-1 cure strategies to target the viral reservoir


Eva Malatinkova
Eva MalatinkovaDr.

Magdalena Sips is a post-doctoral researcher who joined the HCRC group in November 2016. She received her doctoral training from Ghent University and the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, where she studied the anti-viral functions of natural killer cells and the role of antibodies in driving protection and control of HIV infection. Her work focused on understanding how potent effector immune responses can be targeted and recruited in mucosal and lymphoid tissues, sites of infection and robust HIV replication, to achieve enhanced immune-mediated control of the virus. At HCRC, she continues exploring the immunological pathways involved in immune-protection of HIV-infection aiming to identify novel therapeutic leads that will help achieve sustained HIV control in chronically infected patients.


Magdalena Sips
Magdalena SipsDr.

Wojtek joined the lab in 2018. His project is focused on directing adaptive immune responses towards HIV cure.


Wojtek Witkowski

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