HIV Cure Research Centre

University and University Hospital Ghent

PI: Linos Vandekerckhove


We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral researcher to join the HIV Cure Research Centre at Ghent University, Belgium.

We offer:

  • A full time position for a post-doctoral fellow for 2 years, with the possibility for further extension in the future (optimally by acquiring FWO funding in the future. url:
  • A dynamic research environment allowing postdoctoral researchers to extend their biomolecular skills, but also their skills in grant writing group and project management.
  • By focusing on international collaborations, we encourage our team members to perform short or long research stays abroad to learn new skills.
  • We are committed to the long term goals of our team members and will strive to provide an optimal environment to align these with the goals of our Research Unit and further develop your CV to optimize your future career planning.

Primary responsibilities of the applicant will include:

  • The applicant will be responsible for the overall management and execution of studies aimed at characterizing the HIV viral reservoir.
  • The overarching goal of these studies will be to work in the HIV reservoir and latency field on 1) assay development to support studies to disrupt HIV latency, 3) to support clinical studies that further characterize the viral reservoir and 2) to work on new approaches that can disrupt HIV latency.
  • The applicant will be required to complete his own research projects, but will also be able to co-mentor the PhD students at our group, helping them to design, perform and analyze their projects

Profile of the candidate:

– Ability to independently and pro-actively determine study design, execution, data analysis and interpretation of in vitro and in vivo studies.

– Excellent knowledge of the impact of viral diseases host immunology.

– Excellent knowledge and skills in molecular biology, preferentially in primary cell culture, cell-based assays and real-time PCR. A keen interest in troubleshooting will be vital to ensure successful completion of the project.
– The applicant displays a high degree of scientific curiosity and creativity required to tackle complex investigational hypotheses. Therefore, we require a colleague with good writing skills in English, who can acquire an in depth knowledge of a specific research domain in a short period through an efficient assimilation of the recent literature.
– Ability to manage multiple divergent research lines without losing track of project timelines and project status.

-Good interpersonal skills are required to maintain efficient interactions with internal and external collaborators.

– We are preferably looking for a PhD holder with an excellent publication output as first author, who preferably have obtained their PhD between 1 June 2014 and now.


If you are interested, you can reach me by email: before 31 July.


You will be invited for an interview in the course of August-September 2016