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Linos Vandekerckhove

Linos Vandekerckhove is principal investigator and founder of the HCRC in 2010. He started the HIVontrafelen crowd funding platform in 2013. In 2015, together with the group he started the HCRC advanced course for reservoir quantification and in 2016 he launches the new and first HIV reservoir symposium in Europe. He is trained as infectious diseases specialist and is currently staff member of the Department of General Internal Medicine in the Gent University Hospital. He combined his infectious disease specialist education program with a PhD in the laboratory for Molecular Virology of Prof Z. Debyser (Catholic University Leuven). With this combination he bridges the gap between Clinical Infectious Diseases at the AIDS clinic and basic Molecular Virology research. In 2010 Dr. Vandekerckhove worked as a visiting Professor at the Gladstone Institute, University of California, San Francisco, US. were he studied molecular mechanisms of HIV latency. Since 2010 he works as an assistant professor in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Gent University, Belgium. His group receives support from local funding as well as support from European funding, AMFAR, Bill and Melinda Gates and he collaborates in large networks like Eurosida, Neat, HIVera. He is active in the program committee of ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases), the European HIV and Hepatitis meeting and the European Aids Clinical Society (EACS) congress. He is an EMA (European Medical Agency) advisor and a lecturer at the annual EACS advanced course.


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Linos Vandekerckhove
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