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Monday 11/09/2017

13:30-13:45Linos VandekerckhoveHIV Cure Research Center UGent, BelgiumInaugurationCarine Van Lint and Zeger Debyser
13:45-14:25Fred VerdultVolle Maan, patients communication agency, NetherlandsPatient perspective on HIV Cure
14:25-15:05Guido VanhamInstitute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, BelgiumHIV cure efforts in Europe
15:05-15:45Beatriz MotheIrsiCaixa, SpainTherapeutic vaccine in early treated cohorts
15:45-16:05Coffee Break & poster viewing
16:05-16:45Ole SøgaardAarhus University Hospital - Skejby, DenmarkEarly lessons from shock and kill trials
16:45-17:00Gerlinde VansantKU LeuvenTowards a block-and-lock strategy: LEDGINs hamper the establishment of a reactivation competent reservoir
17:00-17:15Sophie Bouchat ULBIdentification of a new factor involved in DNA methylation-mediated repression of latent HIV-1
17:15-17:30Michaela Madlenakova
Charles University in Prague and BIOCEV
Heme-arginate as a latency reversing agent for HIV-1 cure
17:30-19:30Networking reception


Tuesday 12/09/2017

09:15-9:30Linos VandekerckhoveHIV Cure Research Center UGent, BelgiumInauguration of day 2Sabine Kinloch and Stephane DeWit
09:30-10:10Jintanat AnanworanichU.S. Military HIV Research Program, USAImportance of treating early during acute seroconvertion
10:10-10:25Alessandra BanderaSan Gerardo Hospital University of Milano-Bicocca Monza Early start of antiretroviral therapy (ART) during Primary HIV Infection (PHI) is associated with faster optimal immunological recovery – Results of Italian Network of ACuTe HIV InfectiON (INACTION) retrospective study
10:25-10:40Clarissa Van Hecke
HIV Cure Research Center UGent, Belgium
The expression profile of host restriction factors in different cohorts of HIV-1 infected patients
10:40-11:10Coffee break
11:10-11:50Magnus GisslenUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenDefining the CNS HIV reservoir by CSF and blood biomarkers
11:50-12:05Marie-Angélique De Scheerder
HIV Cure Research Center UGent, Belgium
CSF inflammatory profile in patients undergoing analytical treatment interruption
13:15-13:55Asier Sáez-CiriónInstitute Pasteur, FranceBone marrow transplantation in the ICI STEM consortiumWim Trypsteen and Magdalena Sips
13:55-14:10Linos VandekerckhoveHIV Cure Research Center UGent, BelgiumABX464 decreases Total HIV DNA in PBMC´s when administered during 28 days to HIV-infected patients who are virologically suppressed
14:10-14:25Inge De LepeleireMSD EuropeSingle doses as low as 0.5 mg of the novel NRTTI MK-8591 suppress HIV for at least seven days
14:25-15:00Coffee break & poster viewing
15:00-15:40Maria BuzonVall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca, SpainNew assays to measure the latent HIV reservoir
15:40-15:55Pieter PannusInstitute of Tropical Medicine, BelgiumDoes viral suppressive capacity in cART treated HIV-infected patients correlate with disease parameters, viral reservoir measures or cytotoxic T cell phenotype?
15:55-16:10Basiel Cole
HIV Cure Research Center UGent, Belgium
Integration site detection in 10 chronically infected patients
16:10-16:25Sofie Rutsaert
HIV Cure Research Center UGent, Belgium
Defining a Total HIV DNA threshold as guidance for therapy simplification strategies
16:25-17:05Philip GoulderUniversity of OxfordHIV cure/remission in paediatric infection
17:05-17:20Jean-Christophe Beghin Hopital Universitaire Des Enfants Reine FabiolaImmunovirological outcome of HIV-infected children living in a resource limited setting of South Africa.
17:20-17:30Linos VandekerckhoveHIV Cure Research Center UGent, BelgiumClosing Remarks